Who we are

DigitalCube is an experienced boutique software development house. We provide tailored product development services, from initial design concept through to implementation, quality testing, product commercialization and field support.

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to build world-class software that exceeds all industry, government and business objectives.


Our mission is to provide software development solutions to startups, mid-market and to large enterprises. We aim to fulfil software development solutions in telecommunication, education, sport, tourism & healthcare. We achieve these solutions by having a user-centric and a systematic software development life cycle approach to all our clients needs and business objectives.

Industries we serve

Empowering Your Business through Custom Software Development

Icon Telecommunications


We design and implement custom information systems for companies providing telecommunications services. We implement features that include business process management, customer modules, support modules, wiki modules, customer portals, web client modules and sms modules.
Icon Sports Betting

Sports Betting

We implement software solutions for international sport betting companies. The software solutions manage core betting business operations. We provided a single software that caters for gamers, operators, and administrators. The applications are made for desktop, mobile and web platform versions.
Icon Education


We develop online learning platforms with payment systems that allow the client to build online courses, workshops and webinars. Clients can upload videos or live classes to create courses for their communities.
Icon Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment

We design and implement custom platforms for endurance sports and remote coaching businesses. We also Implement ERP systems that allow you to serve more personalized and targeted content to fans that have visited your grounds/stadiums, by tracking behavior through mobile applications and other advanced technologies.
Icon Healthcare


We design and implement custom solutions for products in the healthcare industry that can increase patient engagement, provide insight to help create hyper-targeted, personalized health and wellness plans. Our solutions assist medical health professionals and organizations effectively keep track of patients' health needs in a more efficient and seamless manner.
Serving Key Industries
With Mastery & Dedication

We have a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by each of these industries and are equipped with the expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements

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