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IMPRESAONE: Business Support Application

IMPRESAONE is a software as a service based application. One of the services rendered on this platform is the Business Support Application. This is a work management application tool where users can easily manage, organize, collaborate on projects, track and receive feedback from their team members in order to maximize the overall team performance and process.
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Bkube mobile app

A region in Northern Italy was in need of a digital solution that would connect the Bkube garages/boxes to the bicycle and e-bike riders. The bicycle and e-bike riders in Northern Italy had no way to book their bicycles/e-bikes into the Bkube garage boxes. We were entrusted to build a website and mobile app which would include a booking system, billing and secure management features for these riders.
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Smart City Application

Our team was tasked by the client to develop a Smart City Platform to manage light and waste. The platform monitors LIGHTs for weather data, sunset and sunrise, on/off switching, and location. WASTE containers are tracked for maintenance, status, restart setting, and location. We then integrated the BKUBE Project for predictive and regular maintenance of bike boxes following implementation of the light and waste services.
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Serbian Academy of Science and Arts

Our team built an interactive terminal and website for the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in Belgrade. The user-friendly website offers information on the academy's organization, activities, and history, reflecting the importance of education to the Serbian people and their proud history. The platform embodies the essence of science and art for educational purposes.
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Speed Reading, Smart Learning (Education) Application

Speed Reading, Smart Learning is for primary school students. The website offers courses, workshops, and material to help them read faster and learn smarter. It's fun, interactive, and educational. The Team built a website to house courses, workshops, and educational material for the students to interact with in a learning and fun manner.
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OOB Life - Fitness Mobile Application

The client tasked us to build a mobile fitness application that tracks athletes training, daily activities and gives athletes and their coaches a clear view of their fitness and lifestyle progress/goals. The main components of importance for the client were the scheduling of training plans, the messaging feature, the athletes training statistics and a seamless fitness coaching experience for both the athletes and the coaches.
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SFScon promotes the use of free software in digital infrastructures as a tool to achieve greater innovation and competitiveness in the region. We were tasked to build a mobile application that would facilitate the event proceedings at the SFS conference. The mobile application assisted the client with attendance registration, covid monitoring, event scheduling and speaker-attendee communication.
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